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Master John Ivanov


Principal of South Pacific Taekwondo Federation

Vice President of Taekwondo International

Certified Senior Examiner

The Master's Qualifications

Mr John Ivanov is qualified as a Master Instructor and also as a Senior Grading Examiner for Taekwondo. Mr John Ivanov has been Korean graded and  certified by Kukkiwon (World Taekwon-do Headquarters in Korea) and Taekwondo International (USA).  

In addition to his martial arts credentials, Mr John Ivanov is a qualified Justice of the Peace (Qld.) with professional qualifications in Electrical Engineering and the Security Industry. Mr John Ivanov is the general manager of Bodyguard Security, which has built a reputation for the provision of elite security for personal protection as well as an unparalleled standard of general security in Australia.

Mr John Ivanovhas personally opened and established schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. Mr John Ivanov has been promoting the Art of Taekwon-do with workshops and seminars on practical and theory aspects of the art to all of the students and instructors. His passion for the growth and evolution of Taekwon-do has led him to conduct demonstrations and interviews on television, radio, in newspapers and at public gatherings. Mr John Ivanov has also lectured Taekwon-do to primary, secondary and university students. After consultation with various community groups, he has also written and taught special self-defence courses for women and children in conjunction with the rape crisis centre and other organizations.


The Master's Commitment

As the Master Instructor for South Pacific Taekwon-do, Mr John Ivanov has the responsibility of supervising and teaching the Instructors to ensure the high standard of the art is maintained; a task that he considers to be of paramount importance.

Master Ivanov is completely committed to the study of the art of Taekwon-Do and desires not only to further his own knowledge and skills, but also those of every instructor and student in the art. To this end, Master Ivanov regularly travels to Korea and America to further his knowledge under the tutelage of  9th Degree Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim. Master Ivanov also travels throughout Australia and New Zealand to spread the teachings of Taekwondo.

What will I get out of Taekwondo?

South Pacific Taekwondo is a true Martial Art, which offers not only a superior Art of Self-Defense, but also important enhancements to an individual's mental and physical well-being. Students of South Pacific Taekwondo learn self-control, self-confidence, physical fitness, high moral and ethical standards, improved psychological outlook and ways to improve overall strength of character. Such qualities, imparted in a caring and understanding traditional environment will be of benefit to any individual.


Who are the Instructors?

The Instructors of South Pacific Taekwondo are dedicated professionals who don't just teach Martial Arts, they actually care about your development and the future of Taekwondo. They will tailor their training program to ensure that you train at your own pace and develop your skills in such a way as to avoid injury. All of the South Pacific Taekwondo Instructors attend regular Instructors courses to ensure that the standard of Taekwondo is maintained and that all new beneficial developments in Taekwondo and sports science are used to improve training for all students

Can I join?

We conduct Kindy (Tiger ) to regular Taekwondo Classes. This enables people to join at any age. If you are unsure please check with our office, local Instructor or your Medical Practitioner. You will find that our classes are friendly with helpful Instructors who will guide you through the class safely. We have been teaching Taekwondo for a very long time and our school is considered as one of the oldest schools. Student with experience in other styles are most welcome to join and be assessed to our grades.

South Pacific Taekwondo Federation is a proud member of Kukkiwon and Taekwon-Do International.

Our School practice and teach both the Chun-Ji lineage of patterns and the (WTF) Taeguk patterns. 


I do other Styles, can I join?

Yes you can. We can assist you in changing to our style.  We recognise only official Kukkiwon and Taekwondo International Certification, however we can provide assistance for you or your organisation to be correctly certified, thus allowing you to be Affiliated World wide.  Your previous training / skills can be assessed towards your proper Certification. We issue Kukkiwon ( Korea), Taekwondo International and South Pacific Taekwondo Federation (Australia and New Zealand) Certification for Black Belts and Instructors. Having correct Certification ensures not only safety in training but correct knowledge and qualifications held by the Trainers /Instructors.



Can our school become affiliated !

We can assist your organisation to maintain your own identify.  We are able to provide International Qualified Masters for gradings and seminars. We able to assist your organisation with Kukkiwon, Taekwondo International and South Pacific Taekwondo Certification. We also provide further education / knowledge, management and quality control to ensure your success.










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